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Image Editor SDK for websites and web applications

Include powerful but flexible configurable image editor into your website or application.

+ optional file manager and uploader!

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Crop and Resize

Standard tools for cropping and resizing images are simple for use. Adjust the size of uploaded or existing images regarding format required on your website and optimize their weight.

Crop and resize tools screenshot
Adds effects to an image screenshot

Filter and Adjust

Bring the mood to your images! Bit gallery of different photo effects like grayscale, sharpen, vintage, sepia, blur and configurable presets.

Transform and Rotate

Rotate your images or mirror them. Cropping a result is available too.

Flip vertical screenshot
A tool to add text. Font library

Hundreds of Google Fonts

Add decorative or informative titles to your images. Use hundreds of fonts from the free Google Fonts library or your custom fonts.

Funny Stickers

Add one sticker from the library or fill your own stickers gallery with any JPG, PNG or SVG images.

Stickers set
A tool for freehand drawing

Freehand Draw

All the tools for free drawing are available: color palette and brushes. Use them for quick notes over images and effective hand drawings using your mouse.

Integration with File Manager and Uploader

Combine ImgPen with Flmngr file manager (comes in the bundle) and create brilliant interactive client-server applications.

Flmngr file manager

Fast steps to edit an image

Upload icon
1. Upload

Upload the image with Flmngr or your own uploader to your server.

Resize icon
2. Crop or resize

Resize image to fit your content.

Filter icon
3. Filter and adjust

Apply artistic effects and adjust brightness.

Save icon
4. Save

Update the image on the server with Flmngr or your own uploader.

Developer friendly

Manual icon

API reference

Clear and detailed documentation with a lot of samples.

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NPM package

Install it easy and use in your app in two clicks.

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Cloud version

Flmngr & ImgPen

1 website

15 users

CKEditor and TinyMCE plugins


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Self-hosted version




Any integration

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Flmngr and ImgPen are the SDK projects of N1ED team. We have wide expertise in content editing solutions and our target is replication and scaling of perfect content and file management solutions over websites and applications.

Please send any support, feedback or quote requests on e-mail.